4 Complementary Bodyweight Training Accessories

4 Complementary Bodyweight Training Accessories - Carlsbad Boot Camp

Have you started your body weight training routine? Great! You are probably already seeing results. That is because naturally working out using nothing more than the weight of your body really cranks up the fat and calorie burning process.

People see weight loss, muscle and strength building results quickly using this type of exercise program.

Would you like to know a little secret? There is a way to improve the fitness results you get from body weight training. That is by adding a few simple (and inexpensive) accessories to your workout.


1 - Chin-Up/Pull-Up Bar


Obviously, you can’t perform pull-ups or chin-ups without a bar. There are pull-up and chin-up bars available online which work in standard doorways without permanent installation. Chin-ups and pull-ups are simple but incredibly efficient strength builders.


2 - A Set of Dumbbells


Dumbbells with different weights can be used to increase your resistance in many bodyweight exercises. Make sure you purchase a set that has both light and heavy weights so you can continually step up the intensity as you become stronger.


3 - A Workout Mat


A lot of bodyweight movements are done on the floor. A mat specifically designed for exercising can keep your sweat and dead skin from staining or stinking up your floor and rug. It also provides some comfortable padding.


4 - Resistance Straps


Straps and bands which stretch and quickly return to their original size can really crank up your bodyweight training results. Resistance straps come in sets, with each strap providing a particular amount of resistance.