5 Tips for Fitting Exercise Around a Busy Schedule

5 Tips for Fitting Exercise Around a Busy Schedule - Carlsbad Boot Camp

Are you finding it difficult to fit exercise around your busy schedule? You are certainly not alone in that regard. It seems the whole world is hectic and busy, living life at a breakneck pace which has never been encountered before. We live in a “right now” fast, faster, fastest society, in both our personal and business lives.


So how can you guarantee you stay physically active, even though you routinely cram 25 hours worth of productivity into a 24-hour day? Practice the following 5 tips that help you smoothly fit exercise into your busy schedule and your health won’t suffer because of your fast-paced lifestyle.


1 – Wake up 30 Minutes Earlier Than Usual


I can feel your resentment after reading that last line. As it is, you would like to sleep more already, not less. You certainly don’t relish the idea of waking up a half hour earlier every day just to enjoy some torturous exercise.


But now that you know even short episodes of physical exertion can burn serious calories (Busy Schedule Exercise Tip #1), you should be happy to trade 30 minutes of sleep for a serious calorie burn, as well as an alert, focused start to your day. (You can hit the sack 30 minutes earlier to compensate.)


2 – Track Every Minute of Your Waking Hours


Seriously, we all have plenty of time to exercise if we are honest with ourselves. Remember, exercise does not need to mean the traditional definitions, such as jogging, cycling, lifting weights and running.


Any physical activity that elevates your heart rate is considered exercise. This means playing with the kids, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking to the store instead of driving are all forms of exercise.


3 – Multitask!


Combine several items on your to-do list into a fun and enjoyable “exercise” session. Placing a sales call while picking up a few items from the nearby grocery store can be accomplished while you walk or jog. You can even get your child out of the house when you take him along in his stroller.


4 – Place Dumbbells, Jump Ropes and Other Fitness Equipment Everywhere


At work, at home and in your car you should have multiple pieces of fitness equipment available. This ensures that whenever you find yourself with a few minutes of free time, you can enjoy a quick workout session.


5 – Take Advantage of Technology


Sometimes access is all that keeps us from working out. Chances are you have a CD player, laptop or desktop PC, smartphone, MP3 player or tablet at your beck and call. One or more of these items are in your possession or within the reach literally all day long. Special fitness applications, DVDs, online training sessions, e-books and videos make exercising available anywhere and at any time thanks to today’s “always connected” society.