5 Tips for Staying Fit While You Travel

Hotel rooms, rental cars, sales calls, vacations and airplanes are not naturally conducive to physical fitness. Red-eye flights and 16 hour workdays while on the road are often required when you are climbing the corporate ladder. Vacations are intended to be stress-free, not fat-fueling endeavors of laziness.


Simply put, your physical fitness should not suffer just because you’re traveling. Practice the following 5 tips for staying fit when you travel and you won’t return from your next vacation or business trip with an unwanted extra 10 pounds of body weight.


1 - Add Exercise To Your Travel Itinerary


Are you about to take a business trip? Perhaps you are heading out on a much-needed vacation. Either way, you need to consciously add sessions of physical activity to your travel plans. That dream vacation is much more enjoyable when regular exercise keeps you from developing stress, anxiety, heart burn and possibly dangerous heart conditions due to a lack of physical fitness.


2 - Book Your Lodgings Where Workout Facilities Are Provided


If you have a say-so in where you will be staying, choose a hotel, motel, or resort that comes equipped with a gymnasium or health club. It’s much easier to stay physically fit when you travel if a quick session of aerobic exercise or weight lifting is conveniently available right down the hall. Hotel and motel workout facilities are notoriously under-used, meaning no waiting in line or sweaty equipment.


3 - Carry a No-Excuse Workout Package


Pack a heart rate monitor and jump rope in your luggage. Don’t forget your ankle weights, dumbbells and portable chin-up bar. When you carry workout gear with you on any trip you will begin to look for time in your travel plans to enjoy some physical activity.


4 - Turn Sightseeing Into Effortless and Enjoyable Exercise


If you are traveling to a new town or city, there are so many discoveries that await you.  Sightseeing feeds your brain and emotions and before you know it, you can walk 10 or 20 miles while you are enjoying all that this new destination has to offer.


5 - Get Up 1 Hour Early


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, you will probably have a schedule. Wake up 1 hour earlier than you absolutely must. This leaves plenty of time for a walk, a jog, some yoga or Pilates, and even provides time for a luxurious shower before you are off on your first travel requirement of the day.