Can I Really Build Muscle and Get Fit Using Just the Weight of My Body?

Can I Really Build Muscle and Get Fit Using Just the Weight of My Body? - Carlsbad Boot Camp

So, you might be wondering if simple bodyweight exercises can really get you fit and healthy. Can using just resistance and the weight of your body build muscle, burn fat and sculpt your “dream body”?


Absolutely! Here's how the process works.


When you stress your muscles by using your body weight resistance against them, they experience tears and rips. When you tear down muscle, it needs to be repaired. Your body automatically goes to work making those muscles stronger and larger than they were before, in anticipation of future stress.

That is all there is to building muscles and strength. As it turns out, strength training, which you are doing when you perform bodyweight exercises, is more effective at burning fat and cranking up your metabolism than cardio exercises.

Studies have shown that cardio fitness routines (running, jogging, aerobics exercises, etc.) burn fat and calories while you are performing them. But almost immediately upon stopping, your fat and calorie burn diminishes rapidly.


Building muscle is different.


When you stress and strain your muscles by lifting traditional weights or performing bodyweight exercises, the repair process takes a lot of time. This means that for up to 72 hours after your bodyweight training session is over, you are still burning fat and calories!

All you have to do is use the power of gravity and the resistance of your own body weight and you can build as much strength and fat burning muscle as you desire.