How to Burn More Calories With Shorter Workouts

How to Burn More Calories With Shorter Workouts - Carlsbad Boot Camp

Have you seen the exercise programs which claim you can lose all of your unwanted weight by working out for very short periods of time? Well, for once there may be some truth in advertising. Physical fitness experts, doctors and personal trainers used to believe that long, drawn out exercise sessions were the key to burning calories and losing weight. They now know that is not necessary.


It's All About Intensity


When you exercise properly, a 20 to 30 minute session can be more effective at burning calories than running for an hour or more. Recent research has shown that what we used to believe about exercise is simply wrong. In fact, intense exercise for more than 5 hours a week can actually lead to a shorter lifespan in some cases.


So, how do you work out less and burn more calories?


Jeanine Detz, editor of Shape Magazine, puts it quite simply when she states that …


“To burn the maximum number of calories in the minimum amount of time, focus on getting your heart rate up to a point where it’s challenging to talk, even if it’s just for a few seconds at a time.”


For those number cruncher’s out there, this is usually around 75% or 80% of your physical maximum. For an example, 20 seconds of burpees (a popular calorie burning body weight exercise) followed by 10 seconds of rest is a great way to burn the maximum calories in a short period of time. You repeat that cycle for just 3 or 4 minutes, and burn anywhere from 45 to 55 calories if you are pushing yourself.


Employ "Big Muscles" for the Quickest Calorie Burn


Another way to crank up your calorie burning, fat melting natural body process is to involve the bigger muscles in your body. Where are these located? In the lower half of your body.


When you involve your legs and rear end in intense physical activities that boost your heart rate, you burn more calories than when you use smaller muscle groups.


Jumping rope, circuit training and high intensity interval training (HIIT) are all excellent ways to burn fat with a minimal time investment. Just remember this formula – high-intensity exercise + short period of time = maximum calories burned per time investment. That means you can’t make the “not enough time” excuse for avoiding healthy exercise, and your benefit is maximum calories burned in the shortest period of time.


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