Why is Carlsbad Boot Camp Different than Any Other Fitness Program?

Afterburn Unstoppable Fitness Formula Carlsbad Boot Camp

Carlsbad Boot Camp is different than any other fitness club you’ve ever participated on. Have you tried diets, going to the gym or any other type of exercise program out there? Have you achieved any long term results or any at all? Does this sound familiar to you? So, the question is: why is our Carlsbad Boot Camp…

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4 Exercise Tips to Manage Lower Back Pain in Seniors

Exercise Tips for Lower Back Pain - FitREV Studio - Carlsbad

As an older person, you realize how important exercise is. But some seniors experience lower back pain which keeps them from exercising regularly. Because of this they tend to avoid all types of physical activity. They are rightly concerned about re-injuring their back, or experiencing heightened levels of pain. Fortunately, here are some exercises you…

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4 Ways Seniors Can Stay Mentally Sharp

Staying mentally sharp is a goal most seniors have. We all want to stay as independent as possible for as long as we can. However, while time is an enemy that works against us (and something we have no control over), there are certain things we can do to keep our mental facilities and ultimately…

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3 Exercise Tips for Older Adults with Limited Mobility

Exercise Tips for Older Adults - FitREV Studio - Carlsbad

Exercise is important regardless of your mobility status. Because the body releases endorphins – the “feel good” hormone – during exercising, people are in a better mood after completing a workout. As a matter-of-fact, studies have shown that an endorphin “high” is just as effective as a prescribed mild anti-depressant.   Regardless if you are…

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1 Crucial Tip for Maintaining a Healthy Heart as You Age

According to a recent study over half of the cases of heart disease could be prevented. Even small lifestyle changes have a big effect on your overall heart health, however it all starts with knowing the results of four critical tests.     Certain lab test results show the condition of your heart health and…

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Tips for Preventing Muscle, Bone and Joint Problems as You Age

Tips for Preventing Muscle, Bone and Joint Problems as You Age - FitREV Studio - Carlsbad

As we age, we start to lose muscle due to hormonal changes, along with a lack of protein and exercise. Because muscle helps stabilize bones, muscle loss can also start to cause joint problems especially in the hips and knees. And if you have certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart or kidney disease, it…

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How Much Sleep Do You Need As You Get Older?

As a senior, you need about as much sleep as younger adults –about eight hours per night. However as an individual, you many need more or less sleep depending on several factors. Certain conditions can prevent you from going to sleep right away or may have you waking up several times at night. So, you…

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Why You Need a Consistent Workout Routine

Why You Need a Consistent Workout Routine - FitREV Studio - Carlsbad

When it comes to exercising, are you a weekend warrior? Do you only exercise sporadically, like only during weekends? Going this route is not only harder on your body, but it will take you longer to achieve your fitness goal, (if you ever do).   A consistent routine of cardio, strength and flexibility training, three…

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