Top 4 Reasons to Join Carlsbad Boot Camp

Top 4 Reasons to Join Carlsbad Boot Camp

1. Burn Fat & Get Fit

Our Unstoppable Fitness Formula maximizes your weight loss. Carlsbad Boot Camp uses High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Exercise StackingTM and Active Rest periods. Science proves you’ll get better results than steady state training.

Steady state training is a standard practice in the Fitness Industry. Like using any exercise machines at the gym. These steady state exercises keep your heart rate steady. At our Carlsbad Boot Camp you will do High-Intensity exercises. They challenge you and make you burn more energy. To get that energy your body will burn fat. Your heart rate increases; hence, the High-Intensity part of the workouts.


Every workout is always different. Some of the drills you will do incorporate suspension training. Also known as TRX, which strengthens your core and tones your body. You will also use battling ropes that target your upper body.

Even during Active Rest periods your body continues to use energy. Standard rest periods are sitting on a bench. At Carlsbad Boot Camp we do things differently. So, you do active rest periods where you stretch, hydrate or do light exercises. Light exercises can be working on just one muscle group, like a bicep curl.

Every workout is always different and prevents the plateau phase. The plateau phase prevents you from losing weight. That’s another reason why we have an Unstoppable Fitness Formula.



2. Block Your Fat Storage Hormones & Decrease Stress

One important hormone that causes your body to gain weight is cortisol. It’s released when you experience stress. The great thing about exercising is: it decreases your stress levels and cortisol. So you are able to lose weight.

Stress is actually a physical reaction. It happens when you worry. Your heart rate increases and many other physiological responses take place. Due to evolution stress was a response needed in the “fight or flight” situations. Nowadays, you don’t need to fight or run away from danger. You experience stress and you decrease it by doing exercise. Working out is a situation that triggers stress and by that we mean your body is alert and active. When you workout you burn energy and stress decreases.

3. Save Time

Your life is busy and you sometimes you don’t have a lot of time to exercise. At Carlsbad Boot Camp our workouts last 30 minutes. They consist of cardio, resistance, core and flexibility exercises. As a result, you get optimal weight loss in minimal time. The After Burn Effect makes you burn fat even after every workout, which saves you a lot of time.

4. Motivation, Inspiration & Challenge

At our Carlsbad Boot Camp, we are different. We offer personalized nutrition, workouts, motivation and attention. The key to your success lies in our ability to cater to your goals. We are always challenging your body with different workouts. So, you keep losing weight and get your desired results. Our personal trainers accommodate each exercise to your level of fitness. This means that not only are you challenged, but you won’t perform any routine that may hurt you.

Our system makes you accountable and we are there for you every step of your weight loss journey. We have a Members Portal. There you can ask questions and get support. Our staff and other members are available at any time.  Even though it’s group training, our trainers pay attention to every member. Again, the key ingredient to your success is the fact that we personalize the training. It’s like a one-on one training with a personal trainer. Plus the fun and support created by group training.


When you come to Carlsbad Boot Camp you can be sure we’ll help you get healthy, lose weight, and support you. You’ll be able to reach every fitness goal you have with our Unstoppable Fitness Formula. You know the top 4 reasons why Carlsbad Boot Camp is unique and the right choice for you.




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