Why is Carlsbad Boot Camp Different than Any Other Fitness Program?

Afterburn Unstoppable Fitness Formula Carlsbad Boot Camp

Carlsbad Boot Camp is different than any other fitness club you’ve ever participated on. Have you tried diets, going to the gym or any other type of exercise program out there? Have you achieved any long term results or any at all? Does this sound familiar to you? So, the question is: why is our Carlsbad Boot Camp so successful and different?  We use “The Unstoppable Fitness Formula”. That’s what makes us different. This post is a brief introduction to our program.

The Unstoppable Fitness Formula

What is this formula and how does it work? Our program includes special Workout Sessions that produce the After BurnTM Effect.

This means that our workouts cause a boost in your metabolism. Hours after you’ve exercised your body will continue to burn calories. So, you burn calories when you’re at our Carlsbad Boot Camp and after you leave. How is this possible? The training we provide is High-intensity Interval Training (HIIT).Science proves it’s more effective at burning fat.

To understand the effect HIIT has, you must know how metabolism works in the first place. Metabolism is a set of chemical reaction that occur in the body. Its essential for our survival. Two types of reactions exist: catabolism and anabolism.

Catabolic reactions are the breakup of molecules. Anabolic reactions are the construction of molecules. In simple terms, catabolism is what happens when you need energy. Obtaining energy from food or burning fat are some examples. Anabolism takes place when you need to store energy. For example, gaining weight in the form of fat or muscle.
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High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT combines two types of training: High-Intensity training and Interval training. These two types of training are effective methods of burning fat. That’s why we use it at Carlsbad Boot Camp.

High-Intensity is applying lots of effort in one exercise.  Think of it as walking slow versus running as fast as you can. High-Intensity is the latter.

Interval Training is exercising by altering the periods of intense effort with low effort. For example, you use a bicycle at a high speed for a certain amount of time. Then, you lower your speed for a similar amount of time.


Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC)

Have you noticed what happens when you exercise? Your heart starts beating faster and you breathe deeper and faster. That’s because when you move you need energy. In order for you to have energy, your heart beats faster to carry blood to your muscles. In the blood you carry more oxygen and hence the increased respiration. Once the oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles they produce energy. Without this you wouldn’t be able to move or even do the simplest of tasks.

Performing HIIT requires high amounts of oxygen. There is a period after you exercise called postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Your body returns to a resting state by using oxygen. Energy burns after you exercise. That’s why our Unstoppable Fitness Formula uses HIIT. The average Carlsbad Boot Camp workout burns around 600 – 1000 calories every session. You also keep burning calories after each workout.

In conclusion, our Carlsbad Boot Camp is unique and effective. We use the After BurnTM Effect of HIIT.  This keeps you burning fat for up to 28 hours after each workout you do.




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